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how can you see into my eyes like open doors
leading you down into my core

Hermione goes went back to her room she ws upset. Cedric thought he was better ahtn her but he wasn't she was the best of everything and epeople weeren't impressed with her and they should have been. Didn't they know she was special!!! She was Hermione grainger, or Serena Fairyweather because that was her real name anyway!!! She demanded to be respected!!1!

where i've become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead me back home

And people had made her hide her secret shame and a single tear rolled down one perfect cheek. No one understood her she was all alone.

She turned on her iPod which was the newst kind and made specially for her and blasted evanescence until she felt like going out side.

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Hermione's finals are over, which is both a relief and a disappointment. She still feels like she needs something to do, which is why she's still got her Potions book open on her desk so she can go back to it every now and then when she needs to take a break from packing, or when she's not thinking of another phone call she needs to make. She'll be going on holiday with her parents tomorrow, or late tonight, and she'd much rather be prepared.

After a while, she hears a little tapping on the window. She doesn't recognize the owl, but lets it in and unties the envelope from its leg. She did write to Dumbledore when they were looking for Cedric, but hadn't heard back, and she figures that's what this is.

dear hermione )

That doesn't give her much information, but she actually has more tact than to write another letter asking a thousand questions. "Wait right there," she tells the owl, and writes a quick letter offering support and promising to check in later before letting the owl go on its way.

And right now skiing in France doesn't really sound that appealing.

[Openish. Will be going shopping for a little bit, but around other than that. Door's open.]
Hermione is in far too good a mood, especially given how early she was awake. She had started off trying to finish the Transfiguration book, writing detailed notes, but she keeps randomly smiling and it's distracting her.

Finally she puts the book down, goes to her desk, and starts a letter.

Dear Ginny )

As soon as she's finished, she decides to head to the post office later. Now that it's all out of her system, she can go back to studying.

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Hermione comes back to her room after getting the Transfiguration textbook from Cedric and attending her classes to find a note outside her door. She steps inside, reads it, and realizes that she has no idea who this person is. Which is kind of creepy, really, until she remembers that she didn't really notice Viktor, either. Huh.

She puts the note on her desk, wondering whether she should at least call, and while she's busy wondering that, she picks up the Transfiguration book to start reading and taking notes. Occasionally she pauses to either frown at the phone or turn one of Crookshanks' cat toys into something else. Because she has her priorities in order.

[Going to work soon, so just establishy.]
Hermione's just about finished her letter back to Ginny, though she hasn't been doing much lately so it isn't very long. Maybe she had been waiting to do something before she actually sent it. Either way she's just sealing it up and deciding she should take it to the post office when she goes into town for the music festival.

The door's open.

[For Cedric.]
After completely failing to make Principal Washburn see why she doesn't deserve detention, Hermione didn't really feel like going to the luau. Instead, she's sitting on her bed in her alcove, attempting the fourth or so draft of a letter.

Dear Viktor, )
Hermione opens the door to her room, not turning on the light in case Kaylee's already here and asleep. She leaves the beach ball on the floor for Crookshanks, and sees the invitation from Willow for tomorrow's party, having been slipped under the door.

Edward had been nice enough, and she really was going to have to speak to Charlie about this prank war with Peter Parker. But that could wait until tomorrow. Maybe Monday. She would have to work that out. Fred is here, too, and she's happy about that. There's just that whole timeline issue that she's even more aware of now. It's not the Dumbledore she knew back home, just like it's not the same Malfoy, or Cedric, or Rita Skeeter, or even Fred. It's just a little odd knowing what happened in Fred's timeline. Then again, it didn't mean it had to happen. After all, Cedric was here...

She shakes it off because she can't do anything about something that happened in a timeline she is nowhere near, and gets ready for bed. And as she tries to fall asleep with Crookshanks lazing at the foot of the bed, she tries to remember when Malfoy said he was from...
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Hermione is working on letters again. She hasn't received any back yet, but she knows Harry can be a little lax on correspondence if it isn't pressing. There's no need to worry about breaking the time-space continuum with letters. Yet.

Crookshanks is somewhere. She's left the door open just enough that she could see if he left, but for the moment he's hiding.

Dear Ginny, )

Hermione is sealing the letter when she notices the owl pecking at the window, a scroll loosely tied around its neck. She opens the window and lets it hop onto the windowsill, taking the scroll and unrolling it.

She reads it quickly, not even suppressing the squeal. The first thing she does is remove her wand from its place in her desk drawer. Then she gives Ginny's letter to the owl, feeds it a piece of a cracker, and lets it on its way.

She can do magic again, though she does have restrictions. However, she has something that needs to be done. She thinks they'll understand.
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It feels like it has taken Hermione forever just to get to school and find her room. Hm. Smaller than the rooms at Hogwarts, but maybe she'll be able to get some actual work done here.

For now, she claims the farther bed, putting her things down before getting the notebook and pen from one of her bags and settling in to write.

Dear Headmaster,


No, really. )

Abruptly, Hermione stops writing. There has to be a better way to break the news to Harry, and she's still not exactly sure what's going on here. She'll worry about that a little later, and gets started on unpacking.

[The door is open, should people be overwhelmed like me in the welcome post, omg.]


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