Hermione had been back for a couple days, collected poor Crookshanks from Belle, gone in to work handwavily to catch up on things, and basically done everything she could to keep herself too busy to read the letter.

It wasn't that she didn't want to read it, but she knew what it must be about, and she was... apprehensive. She was still trying to work through why exactly she'd done the stupidest thing she'd ever done by going back to London, therefore there was apprehension involved here.

This morning she'd fed Crookshanks and made him cuddle because she still felt badly about leaving him, and set up a few cleaning spells for an apartment that didn't need to be cleaned any further, and then she realized she had nothing else to do and had run out of excuses. So she finally picked the letter up from where it'd been sitting right in the middle of her coffee table and sat down to read.

These weren't tears, really. Some dust must have gotten into her eye.
Hermione had stayed in Fandom because she wanted to research things from an outside perspective. If people were disappearing from home and they had no idea those people had ever existed, then it was smarter to stay here where she would remember and could get enough detail to maybe find out what was going on. So she wrote letters and tried to namedrop people to get a reaction. She checked books. She tried to find online evidence of people existing. She checked over the Prophet from day to day to look for changes. And the things she found terrified her, but she kept looking, because that was what she did. She got the information, and got it to he who fixed things.

She hadn't gotten much rest last night, going over some notes and fueling herself with coffee like that was a substitute for actual sleep. This morning she'd simply moved herself over to the sofa, going over information while idly stroking Crookshanks' fur. At least he seemed relaxed.

[For a call, but if you want to knock before that, now's your chance.]
Hermione didn't check her email every day, so it'd really been radio that alerted her to the fact that anything was wrong with Portalocity. So imagine her surprise to see that Hogwarts was actually listed in the email.

She'd called Harry almost immediately. Sorry, Ron, much as she loved you, she didn't want to explain that it wasn't a fellytone right now. He'd said he hadn't noticed anything wrong, and pointed out that she didn't exactly need a portal to get around anyway. So after talking through it a bit, she felt better. "I should make time to get back for a bit anyway," she decided. "Luna'd been sending me copies of the Quibbler whether I'm subscribed or not, and they've stopped coming. I suppose I should make sure in person I haven't offended her somehow."

And then Harry said, "Luna who?"

There went feeling okay about things.

[Mostly establishy, but feel free to drop by if you want.]
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Sane people would be sleeping right now. Or, since this was Fandom, possibly having copious amounts of sex with strangers, getting into gun battles, or forgetting who they were. Hermione was doing none of those things.

One wall of her apartment had been covered with photos of Hanna that she'd taken ever since the coma. Okay, before the coma even. And now, oblivious to anything her long-lost twin Sue might be doing, Hermione was putting together the next phase of her plan.

She'd managed to get a hold of exact copies of most of Hanna's wardrobe, and now she was in her bathroom with a used box of hair dye. Now that is was dry, she had been able to style it and make it look exactly like Hanna's. The transformation wasn't entirely complete, but that was okay. There was still time.

Crookshanks was normal, and extremely confused.

Hermione was having an argument via owl. It was going about as well as you might think.

It wasn't so much that it was a bad argument. She'd accepted a new job here in Fandom that would keep her here longer than she might have initially planned, and Ron wasn't as happy about this opportunity to try something new and interesting as she was. She'd written to tell him, and he'd replied faster than he had to any of her other letters, and then she'd written back, and it had just gone on from there. But it was beginning to get difficult to keep up the appropriate level of outrage about his insensitivity to her wants and needs and all. She'd cooled off about it after sending the second owl.

Her latest reply was half-written, sitting on the desk. She meanwhile was cleaning out her office and thinking that bickering just wasn't right unless you were in the same room.

Normally Hermione didn't watch much television. She lived in the wizarding world more than the Muggle one, and she'd simply learned to do without it. Sometimes, though, when she was doing something like cleaning up around the apartment, she might turn it on for background noise. Even then she turned it to something educational, like the History Channel.

It was because she was distracted that she didn't notice at first that this commercial break seemed very long. When that sank in, she actually started paying attention to the ads, and after a while they completely had her attention, ending in her taking a seat to watch them.

It was a really, really bad idea to put ASPCA commercials anywhere Hermione might see them. She'd probably never again be able to hear Sarah McLachlan without bursting into sympathetic tears.

By the time she was feeling horrible for all these poor animals, she looked over to where Crookshanks was curled up on the sofa next to her, skritched him between his ears and said, "You wouldn't mind another cat around here, would you, Crookshanks?"

Whether he understood her or not was unknown, but the look he gave her would totally serve as his answer if he did.

[Can be open!]
In between working on class for Monday, Hermione was trying to write a letter. In truth, she'd been trying to cohesively describe everything that had been happening for about a week now, and hadn't had much luck. You try explaining it.

So really, it wasn't so much that she was trying to take a break from class in order to write, but rather the other way around.

[Open. I'm going to stab myself in the hand so going to urgent care will give me something to do.]
That subject would have been more fitting coming from Annie's journal, but lo, for I am too lazy to log out. Anyway, tomorrow as of ass o'clock in the morning I am off to the wilds of Chicago for a week. I won't have my laptop (I expect to be in withdrawals by Friday), but I will have access to my mom's computer and my phone so I will be able to return pings and sign into classes and stuff.

Of course then two days after I get back from Chicago, one of my friends comes to stay with me for a week. And then two days after I ship her off to Comic Con, I head there myself. And she may or may not be coming back with me after it.

So yes, my July is crazy busy, and please bear with me over the next few weeks. Since I will be aroundish, with an emphasis on the ish, Hermione and Annie will be around but quiet, as I will likely be needing to PLAY ALL THE SCENES every time I get a chance.
Hermione hadn't noticed anything was going on for a while today. She'd gone about her day, doing things around her apartment, and she was currently curled up in a chair with a book- be shocked- when she heard something skittering on the floor. She stopped, listened, and when she heard it again, she put her book down and reached for her wand.

This being Fandom, she was prepared to see either something cute and tiny that was invading, or something the exact opposite of cute and tiny. She had definitely not been expecting the spider. The metal spider. The one that saw her and started coming towards her rather than moving away.

She pointed her wand and with a "Stupefy!", she realized that was not going to work on a non-living thing. Since it was still coming toward her and when this was Fandom and this was definitely not normal, she decided to cut to the chase. "Expulso!" she tried, and... the spider blew up.

And now she had to clean up exploded spider from her floor. Great.

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Hermione had finished all her work for class fairly early. Now, however, her attention was very much divided. She was trying to write a letter to Ron, but that kept ending in very. emphatic scrawl either ranting or denying that anything of interest had happened, and so her bin was filling up with discarded first, second and eighth drafts that would never be sent. Whenever she tired of that, she ended up looking up information about their current setting, both in case that it could be used for class, and that she could always use it to fill up her letter. Ron could always stand to learn something new.

The door was open.

[Yes I fail for always forgetting to post her.]
Hermone has changed over the summer overnight. She used to be a total bookworm with frizzy brown hair and that had all changed. She had gotten tired of being that girl and so she decided when she went back to school she was going to be a different person, so she died her hair and got it straitened, and she began dressing better, kind of Goth. Now she was wearing black leather pants and a black tank top that showed midrif with a sheer black thing over it and lots of jewlry. Also she wore a lot of eyeliner. It was like she was a whole diferent person! She might lose freinds over it but whatever, they weren't great freinds anyway and they were just jealous.

It worked.

She was a whole new person when she went back to school. Sudenly Dumebledore noticed her instead of only paing attention to Harry and he made her a professor of DADA and everything else she wanted. Except Potions since that was Severuses. And he made the SOrting Hat resort her and it put her in Slytherin where she really belonged. The only reason she got put in Gryffindork anyway was cuz she didn't know her true heritage then, she was really the child of dentists but of an angel and a vampire and they both had magical powers so this made Hermione the most powerful wtich ever. Her real name was Serena Fairyweather Moonstar but since she had to be protected she grew up as boring old Hermine Grainger. And since she found out she was part vampire she could go out in the sun and be up all 24 hours since vampires stayed up at night and she could eat real food since she was an angel too. Also she sparkles now.

"This place is so boring" she said looking around her apartment. Maybe she would go to have it redecorated before Severus came over to Propose. Or Draco. WHO WILL SHE PICK? R&R AND YOU WILL SEE!

[God, I terrify myself. Can be open, but I'd much rather be R&R'ed.]
It was a bit surreal for Hermione to have an office. She supposed it might be a week or two before it began to feel normal, and step one towards achieving that was spending part of today arranging things exactly the way she wanted them. It didn't make her feel any less like she was playacting when she sat behind the desk, but it at least helped the room feel a little more like hers.

After that, it would be time to settle in to write a lesson plan to end all lesson plans, because even if this was just a workshop for half the semester, she was doing things properly and being completely prepared. Secretly she also wondered when someone would tell her she was taking it too seriously.
Hermione had a brief moment of silence, and she was using it to pack. She liked staying at the Burrow, but it was sometimes very, very difficult to get a moment's peace. She sometimes thought Mrs. Weasley did that on purpose, especially now that among Ginny and the trio, everyone seemed to have paired off. It must have occurred to her that for anyone to get up to any trouble, all someone had to do was swap a room, so there wasn't a lot of privacy these days just to be safe.

For the moment, Hermione was enjoying the quiet as she piled books and clothes into her bag while Crookshanks occasionally took the opportunity to peer into it, causing her to shoo him away lest he fall in. She wasn't leaving until tomorrow, but she knew better than to put this off until the last minute. If she did that, she'd never have the chance. Maybe that was the real reason for all the activity; if she was too distracted to leave, maybe she wouldn't at all.

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Apr. 25th, 2010 09:54 pm
"Hello, you've reached Hermione Granger. Please leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as I am able. If this is Ron, for god's sakes, you don't need to yell into the phone, I can hear you just fine."
There wasn't much at all left for Hermione to pack away, just the bare essentials. The rest had all been loaded into a fairly small (though extremely heavy) trunk, a carrying case for Crookshanks and a small knapsack that she would be able to carry with her. That too was a little heavy, but she hadn't been able to decide which books to bring along with her for the trip, so she just brought a small selection. The geek.

It was very strange to see her side of the room empty, and she was trying not to think about it too much so she wouldn't get depressed. Though that was probably better than that bad anxiousness she got when she thought about the end of the year at Hogwarts.

[Hermione's going to be joining book seven canon after today. If you want to say bye, this is your last chance. She will be going on townlumni status, so there will still be things in her journal from time to time. *clings to her*]
Hermione didn't have any kid emo to worry about, which she thought was a really good thing, timingwise. It meant she was able to concentrate on what she was doing: wondering how she'd accumulated so much stuff over the last two years.

Everything she didn't think she would need before Friday was going in the bottomless trunk, which she was pretty sure she'd need Hagrid to lift by the time she was through. This was taking longer than she'd thought it would, and she blamed last year's discovery of Amazon for it.

[Post and door are open, though I've spent a ridiculous amount of time sleeping off sickness today, so I'll probably be slow.]
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Hermione had planned to go to prom, but when it came down to it, she hadn't really wanted to. The end of her finals meant that she was able to think about other things, like the fact that June was very close, and she had been spoiled for book six knew a thing or two that was set to happen. It was always possible that things wouldn't work out the way Fandom's Fred had told her, but if it did, there were going to have to be Preparations made, and she didn't think she could do it from here. And she knew Harry wouldn't think to plan for things like that, due to being Harry.

After waking up far too early and trying unsuccessfully to get back to sleep, she finally gave up, getting her phone and leaving to find somewhere private to call her parents.

The other bad thing about being sleep-deprived and too study-stressed to realize you'd been drinking decaf was that when you crashed early and didn't set an alarm, it led to you waking up ten minutes before your class, freaking out, getting ready in about two minutes and racing off to class in case she had some time to review there.

Welcome to Hermione's morning.

[Establishy la]
There was a problem with pretty much staying up for three nights studying for both finals on Wednesday, and that was that it made you tired. Imagine that. This was the situation Hermione found herself in, surrounded by her notes and handouts all over her bed Tuesday evening, trying to make sure she really did have everything down pat when it was sort of hard to process thoughts at this point.

Funnily enough, despite the two pots of coffee she'd gone through today to keep herself awake, she was still exhausted.

Which may have been why she crashed at about 6 pm.



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