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Hermione's made today busy, between going to see one of her teachers, class, and the library. Immediately afterwards she heads to Three-Toed Sloth, so she doesn't do something like sit in her room reading the new booksshe just got instead of doing something more important. And yes, Hermione does consider this more important.

She starts up the fire, regrets not bringing a pillow or something that would make this at all comfortable, and sticks her head into the fire.

It's just Ron in the common room, not looking directly at her, frowning at a closed book before tossing it onto one of the other chairs like he wants nothing to do with it. "You could just get up and put it down, you know," Hermione tells him.

Ron jumps, and immediately looks around to see if anyone else is there. "Bloody hell, Hermione, don't do that! I thought you were going to arrange things like this."

"Well, if you don't want to see me, you could just get Harry down here and be done with it," she tells him, not at all irked by that, really.

"I didn't say that. Or I did, but I didn't mean it thanks to the heart attack I just had," Ron says. "Did something happen?"

Hermione shakes her head, and she wonders how that has to look to him. "I've been thinking about... that thing that we talked about with Harry."

"The... oh, the thing," Ron says, nodding. "Yeah. I don't think he has."

"He should be. I keep reading the book, and it's horrible, and she's not teaching you what she should, and it's all things you need to know. He's the best person to do that."

"You don't have to tell me that," he tells her. "He got another detention."

The only reason Hermione doesn't facepalm is because she can't in this position. "Something has to be done."

Ron nods. "Yeah, it does."

"So, if I ask you to get Harry, will you help me convince him?" Hermione asks.

"Definitely. That book's the most boring thing I've ever read." He stands up, and a moment later, Hermione hears him calling up the stairs, "OY! HARRY!"

Hermione sighs.

She has to wait a while, and by the time Harry comes down, it looks like he's already attempted sleeping. He doesn't even have his glasses on yet. "What happened?" he asks.

Now she feels bad waking him. "I was just checking in," she says. "Wondering how things were going."

"Well, I was sleeping..." But something about him looks awake.

"Besides that. What about that Umbridge cow?" Hermione doesn't even need to go there to be able to say that.

Harry shrugs and says, "Same as usual. Oh, but she's auditing the teachers now."

Ron smiles a little. "McGonagall was fun."

"She's... auditing them?" Hermione asks. "Why?" She has an idea, but at the same time she doesn't want to jump to conclusions.

"Probably to find out which of Dumbledore's people she can sack," Harry says. "And Hagrid still isn't back yet."

That won't look good. "Listen," she says, "have you thought any more about Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"All the time," Harry grumbles, rubbing his hand.

"I meant about... you teaching it."

He goes quiet for a moment. "Thought about it."


Harry sighs. "Everything I've done up until now has either been due to luck, or someone helping me," he insists.

"You still did it, and you're much better than anyone else can get with the way she's handling things," Hermione points out. "You're good at it. You can resist the Imperius Curse, you can produce a Patronus... No one else can do that."

There's another long pause. "I guess if it's just Ron, and... I wouldn't know what to do about you..."

"Well," Hermione says cautiously, "maybe you should open it up to anyone who wants to learn."

Harry's eyes widen. "I know you're not seeing the way things are here, Hermione, but I'm not exactly the most popular person here right now."

"I dunno, people might be interested in hearing about this," Ron offers, still looking a little unsure.

"When's the next Hogsmeade weekend?" Hermione asks.

"This weekend," Harry says. "Why?"

She's only starting to get a feel for how things work between here and there timewise, but she nods and says, "I might be able to get there for it. Might," she says pointedly. "If you can get the word out that anyone who's interested should meet us in the village."

Harry still doesn't look entirely convinced, but Ron agrees, "We'll see what we can do."

With that done, Hermione says her goodbyes, extinguishes the fire, and heads back to the dorms.

[Establishy only. Scene kinda sorta paraphrased from OOTP. Gotta keep my canon going.]


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