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Hermione didn't really tend to make a big deal out of her birthday. The biggest thing was that she didn't have to worry about doing magic anywhere anymore and being reprimanded for it, and she really should look into being able to Apparate soon, now that she could. Though it would have been fantastic to have a class today, just because she was twisted like that. Currently, she was spending it reading, of course. Reading a thick tome on the American Revolution, because it always was interesting to see how the other side viewed things.

She really should be saved from herself, you know.

Hermione's gotten really used to studying until all hours, and that was before she had a full set of classes and was trying to keep up with her class back at Hogwarts, which is really difficult when she's not exactly sure how time moves between here and there. And every once in a while, she'll take a break for a few hours sleep and then wake up very early to finish.

She's halfway through a paragraph in next week's Lit book, because for some reason she needs to be at least a week ahead if not more, when she actually realizes what day today is. Ron and Harry had given her her presents earlier because they couldn't figure out what day or month it was, either, so she hadn't really noticed.

"Huh," she says, and goes back to the paragraph.


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