This would be Hermione sitting at her desk in front of a book again. This time, though, it's because she's trying to figure out what she can feed a snake that isn't a live animal and will still be nutritious. She shouldn't have to feed him for a week, but she's not good with the idea of having to get mice just to feed something else.

Every once in a while she looks up at Wadsworth, even though he's paying absolutely no attention to her. "Don't look at me like that," she says. He isn't looking at her like anything. He's all happy in his little hiding place. "Why can't you just like vegetables, or things that have died of natural causes?"

...Maybe he'll eat something that died of natural causes. And that would be Hermione's nose back in the book.

[Open, why not?]
smartestone: (with crookshanks)
Hermione has a ball python. She's still not sure about this, but it's also not going to burn or sting her, so it's a step up from Hagrid's idea of pets.

Crookshanks keeps hissing at it, though, causing Hermione to roll her eyes as she tries to peruse through a book on caring for the new pet. "Crookshanks, behave. Wadsworth isn't going to hurt you."

Crookshanks completely ignores her. Though honestly, Wadsworth is ignoring Crookshanks, so it's really all right.

[Establishy, unles syou really wanna. No one will probably show, so open. *g*]


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