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The mummies may be gone, but Hermione's still sitting at her desk, reading a book on Egyptology, because she thinks it's interesting. Halfway through a paragraph, she hears a fluttering sound outside her window. Looking over, she sees that there's a weetiny owl sitting landing slightly badly on her desk, a letter in his beak.

"Hi, Pigwidgeon," Hermione greets him, letting him take a drink from her glass of water as she opens the letter.

Dear Hermione,

I bet I'm the first person who's written back, aren't I? It hasn't been that busy here, so I don't know what their problems are. We have a new DADA teacher, who Harry says works for Fudge. I liked the previous teachers better. I'm working on my impression of her, though. Hagrid hasn't been back yet. We're not sure why but I'm sure everything's fine. The only other thing I can think of to tell you of note is that Fred and George have started a joke business and are doing pretty well so far. I'll yell at them for you once.

Harry didn't say anything about Cedric but we don't see each other much. You're sure he's the same Cedric? That may be a stupid question. I've just never heard of anything like that. He's all right? Did he really take off his shirt?

I think Harry might be having a hard time of things, though. It isn't like I ever HEAR ANYTHING, but he even got detention for telling the new DADA teacher in class that You-Know-Who is back. Missed Quidditch and everything. Maybe that's why he hasn't said anything. I'm not sure.

Don't let it worry you too much, and write me back soon. It sounds interesting and I want to hear more. Soon. Did I say that already?


Hermione lets Pig move about the room for a while as she tries to start on the return letter, then decides it's going to have to wait and lets him go.

[Door's open.]
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