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Hermione really didn't want to leave today. She didn't want to press Dumbledore to let her stay, but at the same time she only saw Harry for the first time this morning, looking tired. He'd managed a little smile and seemed glad to see they were all relatively okay, and she'd accept that.

Neville had woken up and headed off to settle in and undoubtedly answer questions about what had happened fairly early, but Harry stayed because it was going to be the last chance to say goodbye to Hermione. He still had to sit through Madam Pomfrey quizzing her on the facilities where she was going and whether or not she would take care of herself once she got there.

Ginny's broken ankle kept her in bed, so Hermione had to give her a quick hug from there. While Ron was able to get up to hug her and say goodbye, he was ordered back into bed a moment later, eyerolling a little as he obliged.

Harry said he would escort her to the gate, and Hermione was completely unable to stop fussing at him as they walked. "...And you'll take care of yourself, and you'll keep writing? I have a phone back there. If the Dursleys will allow it, you can even phone me."

"I know," he said. "I will."

"You promise?" she pressed.

"Yes," Harry said.

Seeing him subdued and not yelling after the last day was probably more unsettling than anything she'd seen, up to and including the veil and the tank of brains.

When they got to the gate, Hermione asked, "Are you sure you're all right?"

He shrugged a little, but nodded. "We'll see what happens now. There's witnesses now. People are going to find out."

She would be really curious to see the Prophet over the next few days. "Promise me again that you'll being touch."

Harry did roll his eyes, which Hermione found encouraging. "I will."

She accepted that, going in for the goodbye hug he didn't have a choice in. "Bye, Harry," she said.

"Bye, Hermione."

He pulled back, and slowly started walking back towards the school.

Hermione took an extra minute just to look at Hogwarts. She wouldn't be back here for two years, and that was if she could convince the Ministry to let her take her N.E.W.T.S. And that was only if they didn't have more pressing issues at hand by then. Either way, she wouldn't be seeing the castle again for a long time.

She couldn't stall any longer. It was time to go back to Fandom.
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