Hermione? Not having the greatest of weeks.

Because what had started out as a little bite with a few green lines stemming from it has kind of turned her hands and most of her arms green. And she's had to give up gloves because occasionally a leaf will sprout from a finger and that makes wearing them really uncomfortable.

She's been holding herself up in her room, trying to read through more books without actually touching them (even now she's worried about damaging pages), but she's itching everywhere, and when she scratches her head, she's pretty sure dirt just fell onto the page. That can't be good.

Slowly, she gets up to find a mirror, closing her eyes before holding it up so she doesn't have to see herself before she's ready. When she does look, her eyes widen and her jaw drops, as there seem to be buds sprouting on the top of her head. And... one from her ear. That one looks a little like a daisy.

Hermione swallows, lowering the mirror. "Um...?"

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Hermione returns to the room after a long time handwavily spent in the library, clutching a book and immediately going to sit on her bed. She opens it up, idly reaching over to pet Crookshanks- who hisses at her and darts away, right out through the crack of the door. Well, that was unexpected.

She flips to the page she marked with a piece of notepaper, studying the picture. She doesn't understand why a lichen would bite anyone, let alone why one would just happen to be out there on a tree at the end of February, but that's the only explanation for what happened. She can't really move her hand anymore, but doesn't want to go into the clinic while she could be better off researching. When she pulls off the bandage again to look at it, though, the little green lines that had been spreading out from the wound are now running clear down her arm.

They hadn't been able to find a lot of information on lichenthropes yet, but if they're anything like, well, lycanthropes, she has until the next full moon. Which is Saturday. Hermione decides she'd really better get researching.

[Mostly for Luna or the roomie if they want, but open.]
Hermione didn't really sleep last night, or at least didn't sleep that well. She kept waking up to scratch at her hand, or was doing so while half-asleep. Around sunrise she finally gives up and sits up, pulling off the bandage she'd put on to study it.

Despite trying to take care of it, it seems to be worse. It hurts to close her hand, and her palm is even redder and more swollen. And if she's not mistaken, that seems to be a tinge of green around what is very obviously bite marks.

"Huh," she says quietly, frowning and replacing the bandage. Where anyone else would head to the clinic first thing, Hermione decides she should probably head towards the library, if only to find out what bit her. If it was some sort of bug, a spider maybe, she could at least give them some information then.

[Establishy, unless the roomie's up for extreme SP. Hey, guess what. Surprisingly open.]
Hermione has finally put both her studying and knitting down in order to put together the package for the proceeds from this week's clothing drive. It was more successful than she'd thought it would be, which makes her happy. She still hasn't received anything from Hogwarts, but she's decided either it's not safe to send things to her, or Umbridge has become very strict with outgoing mail.

Her hand keeps itching, though, and while she originally thought it was just from the yarn, further inspection shows her that there's one little area that's a bit red and swollen. It looks strangely like a bite, actually. She can't remember being bitten, though she does rememeber scratching her hand on the tree yesterday. There doesn't seem to be anything caught in it, so she promises to take care of it like any bite and that should do the trick.

Still, the itching has her a little distracted, so she might not be looking that carefully at what she puts in the box.

Hermione had gone to run some errands, but on her way back finds that she's okay with still walking. It's cold outside, but she's getting used to it and she really hasn't been outdoors much. Plus it gives her time to think that she ordinarily doesn't get because she's too busy studying or giving herself another little project to work on.

The time spent lost in thought is probably how she ends up in the preserve. It's really very pretty, with the snow, and she just walks for a little while, enjoying it... and then realizes she's not exactly sure where she is. She immediately stops and turns back to retrace her steps, but she doesn't notice the one branch sticking out just enough for her to trip over. She hits the ground, not hard, but lands hands-first at an angle that she just wants to check and make sure her wrists and hands are okay. She pulls herself up to her knees to take her gloves off, rolling her wrists and making sure nothing hurts. Satisfied with the result, she puts both gloves in one hand and uses the other to hold onto a tree to help herself up-

There's a quick little pinching sensation, just enough to make her hiss through her teeth a little, and when she pulls her hand away she notices the little greenish spot on the tree right where her hand had been. To her surprise, it kind of sees to inch away. Huh.

Hermione rubs at her hand, just to make sure she doesn't have any splinters of wood there, and shakes her head. She must have just scraped it. Shrugging, she continues following her footsteps until she can find her way back to the dorms.

[Establishy only.]


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