In between working on class for Monday, Hermione was trying to write a letter. In truth, she'd been trying to cohesively describe everything that had been happening for about a week now, and hadn't had much luck. You try explaining it.

So really, it wasn't so much that she was trying to take a break from class in order to write, but rather the other way around.

[Open. I'm going to stab myself in the hand so going to urgent care will give me something to do.]
Hermione had finished all her work for class fairly early. Now, however, her attention was very much divided. She was trying to write a letter to Ron, but that kept ending in very. emphatic scrawl either ranting or denying that anything of interest had happened, and so her bin was filling up with discarded first, second and eighth drafts that would never be sent. Whenever she tired of that, she ended up looking up information about their current setting, both in case that it could be used for class, and that she could always use it to fill up her letter. Ron could always stand to learn something new.

The door was open.

[Yes I fail for always forgetting to post her.]
It was a bit surreal for Hermione to have an office. She supposed it might be a week or two before it began to feel normal, and step one towards achieving that was spending part of today arranging things exactly the way she wanted them. It didn't make her feel any less like she was playacting when she sat behind the desk, but it at least helped the room feel a little more like hers.

After that, it would be time to settle in to write a lesson plan to end all lesson plans, because even if this was just a workshop for half the semester, she was doing things properly and being completely prepared. Secretly she also wondered when someone would tell her she was taking it too seriously.


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