Hermione has finished reading the schoolbook. In fact, she's just finished reading it for the third time. She could quote a lot of it from memory now, and almost wishes she couldn't, because it's more than a little infuriating.

When she's sure Ron and Harry will be the only ones left in the Gryffindor common room, Hermione heads back to the Three-Toed Sloth campfire armed with her bag of Floo powder, and sets herself up with a good fire.

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[Shhh. It's totally on time.]
Hermione is taking a long time with her knitting today, because she is having some particular trouble with the heel of this sock. Every time she tries to go a little faster, it seems like she misses something and it goes wrong. It's really frustrating.

So she's even more relieved than usual when the weetiny owl taps at the window. She lets Pig in quietly, letting him land on her desk for a rest after she's able to get the letter from him. She opens it and sits down to read.

Dear Hermione )

Hermione stares at the letter for a minute, jaw dropped. She's not sure which part to be upset about first, so she settles for being irritated about everything at once. And while she's not certain she should be doing this, she goes into one of her drawers, removes a small cloth bag, and sets off in search for a good fire.

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After completely failing to make Principal Washburn see why she doesn't deserve detention, Hermione didn't really feel like going to the luau. Instead, she's sitting on her bed in her alcove, attempting the fourth or so draft of a letter.

Dear Viktor, )


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