Hermione had been sleeping, because Crookshanks had curled up on a chair to sleep and had been quiet, and she is not thinking too hard about the fact that there's a middle-aged man sleeping in her room. He's still her cat. Just... kind of creepy.

The sleep ends about the time she feels a weight on her legs, and opens her eyes in the dark. When her vision adjusts, she sees Crookshanks trying to make himself comfortable at the edge of the bed.

"...I can't do this," Hermione says, about a second before Crookshanks decides to sprawl and take over the whole bed, with her on it.

She works her way out of the bed even though there's somehow a hand across her face, and falls unceremoniously out of the bed. Crookshanks looks up at her and says, "More for me," stretching out even further.

Maybe she'll just sleep in the common room.
Crookshanks had left the room late last night and hasn't been back, but Hermione isn't too worried. She's just been looking through some books she'd gotten last time she went home, kind of wishing she had a real class to deal with.

However, when a middle-aged man pushed the door the rest of the way open with his head and proceeded to walk in like he owned the place, that was enough to get Hermione to look up. "...Can I help you?" Who knew? It was Fandom, maybe this was normal.

He didn't answer, but turned around once or twice in the middle of the floor like he was looking for the perfect spot, and then settled into a sitting position.

"Excuse me," Hermione says. "This is my room."

He looks back, wondering why he can't whap his tail against anything. "Food?" he asks.

"You can get your own food," frowns Hermione. "Elsewhere!"

He got up again, kicking lightly at the empty food bowl near the foot of Hermione's bed.

And then Hermione remembers that it is Fandom. "...Oh my god."


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