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Hermione had changed over the summer night. She was just tierd of being boring old Hermine, she woke up with new vigor that morning and got out of bed and the first thing she did was brush out her long beautiful honey ash blonde hair. It used to be brown and frizzy, but it changed along with her. It was now sleek and shiny, like a Pantene commercial and all the girls were jealous of it. It also grew six inches just that night.

cut for the protection of a little mentally-challenged teal dear )

Hrmione thought about going out to talk to people, bcause all the girls were jealous and all the boys wanted her and that was really stressful sometimes so may be she would just stay inside for a while and listen to some Evanescence.

[Open, especially for the roommate. Hermione is now a HP fanfic Mary Sue.
Hermione: *kills self on Monday*
I: *will have to spork a few Sues in penance for this. Seriously.]
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Hermione is working on letters again. She hasn't received any back yet, but she knows Harry can be a little lax on correspondence if it isn't pressing. There's no need to worry about breaking the time-space continuum with letters. Yet.

Crookshanks is somewhere. She's left the door open just enough that she could see if he left, but for the moment he's hiding.

Dear Ginny, )

Hermione is sealing the letter when she notices the owl pecking at the window, a scroll loosely tied around its neck. She opens the window and lets it hop onto the windowsill, taking the scroll and unrolling it.

She reads it quickly, not even suppressing the squeal. The first thing she does is remove her wand from its place in her desk drawer. Then she gives Ginny's letter to the owl, feeds it a piece of a cracker, and lets it on its way.

She can do magic again, though she does have restrictions. However, she has something that needs to be done. She thinks they'll understand.


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