Hermione didn't have any kid emo to worry about, which she thought was a really good thing, timingwise. It meant she was able to concentrate on what she was doing: wondering how she'd accumulated so much stuff over the last two years.

Everything she didn't think she would need before Friday was going in the bottomless trunk, which she was pretty sure she'd need Hagrid to lift by the time she was through. This was taking longer than she'd thought it would, and she blamed last year's discovery of Amazon for it.

[Post and door are open, though I've spent a ridiculous amount of time sleeping off sickness today, so I'll probably be slow.]
Hermione had very definitely changed overnight. Back into a normal person.

And then all the things she'd said came rushing back, and Hermione found herself whimpering into the pillow that then found itself making its way over her head. She wasn't really one for unnecessary whining, but at the same time, if she suffocated before she got up and had to hunt down Ron, she'd be okay with that.

Hermoine had spent her morning on her lapptop. She'd been the only girl at Hoggwarts who was allowed to have one and she brought it to Fandom with her. It was the latest model. She didn't like any of the clothes in her closet, and they were all too much like the ones she used to wear before she was all popular, so she spent a lot of time shopping online with her parents' credit card to fix that.

Right now she had some Panic at the Disco playing on her brand new iPod and was hating the world and looking really beautiful doing it.

[Door and post are open!]
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Hermione woke up content in the knowledge that she was in fact Hermione Granger.

However, after the world's most awkward study session EVER (and the homecoming date thing was an entirely different flail) and the radio saying anything about her naked at the assembly, she might be trying very hard to repress Friday.

So if she was holed up in her room today? That would be why.

[Establishy unless you're up for some pretty impressive SP.]
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Hermione didn't really tend to make a big deal out of her birthday. The biggest thing was that she didn't have to worry about doing magic anywhere anymore and being reprimanded for it, and she really should look into being able to Apparate soon, now that she could. Though it would have been fantastic to have a class today, just because she was twisted like that. Currently, she was spending it reading, of course. Reading a thick tome on the American Revolution, because it always was interesting to see how the other side viewed things.

She really should be saved from herself, you know.

Hermione was studying, which probably came as a surprise to no one. Classes were back in session, she didn't have any evil principals to plot against, and that meant her priorities were blissfully back to normal. So there she was, at her desk, with a book on mathematical theory and knitting needles spelled nearby to make some more hats for the Hogwarts elves. She was sure Ginny would distribute them if she asked.

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Hermione wakes up in the middle of the night, eyes going wide and staring up at the ceiling.

It had been horrible. She'd been afflicted with purple prose and had dyed her natural honey-blonde hair black with green streaks to match Slytherin colors, and had just been terrible to everyone she'd come in contact with. Of course, the dream took place at Fandom High, but Ron and Harry had been there, and she'd insulted Snape, who'd been fine with it. She was pretty sure she'd also turned out to be half Malfoy, or something, in the dream.

She gets up and gets a pad of paper from her desk, along with the little booklight she uses for late night studying, and starts a letter to Ron, detailing last weekend.

And then decides halfway through that she is never telling anyone about that and she will burn the letter in the morning.

[Yeah, I've had no brain but I can still write weird little establishy posts. La.]
The good thing about being Hermione is that there's never a lack of things to do. There is always more to read. Currently she's going through her Potions book, taking detailed notes and being a little horrified that she can practically hear Snape's voice in the back of her head when she reads.

She's kept the windows closed lately, so she's almost startled when she hears something pecking at the glass. She smiles when she sees Hedwig, though, opening the window to let her in. The snowy owl is carrying a package, and Hermione's quick to untie it from her foot so that she can move around freely.

Hermione pushes her glass of water towards Hedwig, busying herself with opening the package. There's a note attached, and the fact that anyone actually bothered to write her for once is a bit stunning. Even better is the fact that parts of the letter are written in different handwriting.

Dear Hermione, )

Hermione's smiling when she finishes the letter, looking at the wrapped package. Ron or Harry would have ripped into it already, probably before reading the letter, but she can wait. She'd thought they would have been well into January by now. Just when she thought she should give up on trying to solve the mystery that was the time difference, she's back to wondering about it again.

Either way, she's going to be in a pretty good mood today.

[Post and door are open. Why not?]
Hermione's made today busy, between going to see one of her teachers, class, and the library. Immediately afterwards she heads to Three-Toed Sloth, so she doesn't do something like sit in her room reading the new booksshe just got instead of doing something more important. And yes, Hermione does consider this more important.

She starts up the fire, regrets not bringing a pillow or something that would make this at all comfortable, and sticks her head into the fire.

cut for length )

With that done, Hermione says her goodbyes, extinguishes the fire, and heads back to the dorms.

[Establishy only. Scene kinda sorta paraphrased from OOTP. Gotta keep my canon going.]
Hermione has finished reading the schoolbook. In fact, she's just finished reading it for the third time. She could quote a lot of it from memory now, and almost wishes she couldn't, because it's more than a little infuriating.

When she's sure Ron and Harry will be the only ones left in the Gryffindor common room, Hermione heads back to the Three-Toed Sloth campfire armed with her bag of Floo powder, and sets herself up with a good fire.

Cut for length )

[Shhh. It's totally on time.]
Hermione is taking a long time with her knitting today, because she is having some particular trouble with the heel of this sock. Every time she tries to go a little faster, it seems like she misses something and it goes wrong. It's really frustrating.

So she's even more relieved than usual when the weetiny owl taps at the window. She lets Pig in quietly, letting him land on her desk for a rest after she's able to get the letter from him. She opens it and sits down to read.

Dear Hermione )

Hermione stares at the letter for a minute, jaw dropped. She's not sure which part to be upset about first, so she settles for being irritated about everything at once. And while she's not certain she should be doing this, she goes into one of her drawers, removes a small cloth bag, and sets off in search for a good fire.

cut for length )


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