Hermione heard the announcement. She thought this would be a huge failure, yes. What's really scary is that it doesn't even alarm her anymore that her first thought was to spend tonight in the hall in a sleeping bag.

She'd made the decision that for every announcement, Umbridge needed to be negatively reinforced. Thusly, she was sitting on her bed, knitting more oddly-shaped socks and wondering whether the dildo cozy conga line should wait a couple days, or if she should just keep up with it the whole week.

[Mostly for people interested in this post. I'm headed to work soon, but will check when I can throughout the day and be back at 5:30 PST. Yay SP!
Sometime after her little meeting with Umbridge, Hermione went back to her room and started on a mental to-do list.

cut cuz blah blah blah )

#6 was what Hermione was working on for the rest of the afternoon. She was terrible at it, but she was determined. And she'd left the door open on purpose.

[Open! Especially if you want to see Hermione bitch like a bitching thing that bitches.]
Hermione's having another really bad day. This would be due to the pile of rubble that is now the school (and don't think that didn't get a freaked out squeak from her), a return to the dorms to drop off her things and wtf, only to find a note from Rikku that reminds her that they're back in cabins. She's been a little distracted. She packs up her things again, despite still not feeling well apart from what can be politely described as the jet lag from hell, and goes to find Cthulhu cabin.

Once there, she puts her things in the empty alcove on her side and makes two phone calls before settling in.

[I've never known what alcove to be in.
Open, especially if she called you.]


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