Hermione was never leaving her room again. Seriously. She meant it this time. It wasn't even her being stupid. She was really beginning to think it would be better off for everyone if she did.

As if the common room wasn't enough (she hadn't even known the girl's name and still kissed her and she hadn't kissed anyone in Fandom and this was how it happened? She didn't even like girls like that, as was really very clear right now), she had made the mistake of opening the box that had come for her earlier. She hadn't known at the time what it could be, and had been horrified to discover that was filled with clothes she'd ordered when she was... not herself last weekend. And alllll from Hot Topic. On her parents' credit card.

Never. Leaving. The. Room.

Hermione had very definitely changed overnight. Back into a normal person.

And then all the things she'd said came rushing back, and Hermione found herself whimpering into the pillow that then found itself making its way over her head. She wasn't really one for unnecessary whining, but at the same time, if she suffocated before she got up and had to hunt down Ron, she'd be okay with that.

Hermione was writing. A lot. Several pages in her notebook had been covered in her own handwriting, and years of writing superfluous reports far longer than they would have ever needed to be in any universe meant that her wrist wasn't even tired. If anyone asked, she wouldn't tell.

Crookshanks and Wadsworth were fed, she'd already checked her voicemail, and she was fully prepared in case anyone's hand was bleeding.

smartestone: (hermione sue)
how can you see into my eyes like open doors
leading you down into my core

Hermione goes went back to her room she ws upset. Cedric thought he was better ahtn her but he wasn't she was the best of everything and epeople weeren't impressed with her and they should have been. Didn't they know she was special!!! She was Hermione grainger, or Serena Fairyweather because that was her real name anyway!!! She demanded to be respected!!1!

where i've become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead me back home

And people had made her hide her secret shame and a single tear rolled down one perfect cheek. No one understood her she was all alone.

She turned on her iPod which was the newst kind and made specially for her and blasted evanescence until she felt like going out side.

Hermione's been busy lately, surprising herself. She's very happy with all of her classes so far, with Bridge offering to give some assistance in Hunting, and she's even been socializing. She "helped paint" the fifth floor common room, and nearly being traumatized by Pantsless Friday. Then there had been the day with the gremlin theater that interrupted her studies, discussing oppression and meeting the pink thing with no mouth.

And then there was discovering that Lavender Brown is here now, and Hermione hasn't had a reason to eyeroll yet. Well, she still has no idea what happened yesterday, but then again, it's Lavender.

On one hand, her friends from home will probably be glad to hear she's getting out. However, she needs to spend more time studying. She's only gotten through half of the books she checked out from the library on Monday, she's already started going through her Hogwarts books chapter by chapter to keep up there, and she's already starting the reading for Lit class, and she won't even be around for a lot of tomorrow. Today Hermione's just staying in and read until her eyes cross.

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Hermione opens the door to her room, not turning on the light in case Kaylee's already here and asleep. She leaves the beach ball on the floor for Crookshanks, and sees the invitation from Willow for tomorrow's party, having been slipped under the door.

Edward had been nice enough, and she really was going to have to speak to Charlie about this prank war with Peter Parker. But that could wait until tomorrow. Maybe Monday. She would have to work that out. Fred is here, too, and she's happy about that. There's just that whole timeline issue that she's even more aware of now. It's not the Dumbledore she knew back home, just like it's not the same Malfoy, or Cedric, or Rita Skeeter, or even Fred. It's just a little odd knowing what happened in Fred's timeline. Then again, it didn't mean it had to happen. After all, Cedric was here...

She shakes it off because she can't do anything about something that happened in a timeline she is nowhere near, and gets ready for bed. And as she tries to fall asleep with Crookshanks lazing at the foot of the bed, she tries to remember when Malfoy said he was from...


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