Hermione didn't check her email every day, so it'd really been radio that alerted her to the fact that anything was wrong with Portalocity. So imagine her surprise to see that Hogwarts was actually listed in the email.

She'd called Harry almost immediately. Sorry, Ron, much as she loved you, she didn't want to explain that it wasn't a fellytone right now. He'd said he hadn't noticed anything wrong, and pointed out that she didn't exactly need a portal to get around anyway. So after talking through it a bit, she felt better. "I should make time to get back for a bit anyway," she decided. "Luna'd been sending me copies of the Quibbler whether I'm subscribed or not, and they've stopped coming. I suppose I should make sure in person I haven't offended her somehow."

And then Harry said, "Luna who?"

There went feeling okay about things.

[Mostly establishy, but feel free to drop by if you want.]
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Hermione returns to the room after a long time handwavily spent in the library, clutching a book and immediately going to sit on her bed. She opens it up, idly reaching over to pet Crookshanks- who hisses at her and darts away, right out through the crack of the door. Well, that was unexpected.

She flips to the page she marked with a piece of notepaper, studying the picture. She doesn't understand why a lichen would bite anyone, let alone why one would just happen to be out there on a tree at the end of February, but that's the only explanation for what happened. She can't really move her hand anymore, but doesn't want to go into the clinic while she could be better off researching. When she pulls off the bandage again to look at it, though, the little green lines that had been spreading out from the wound are now running clear down her arm.

They hadn't been able to find a lot of information on lichenthropes yet, but if they're anything like, well, lycanthropes, she has until the next full moon. Which is Saturday. Hermione decides she'd really better get researching.

[Mostly for Luna or the roomie if they want, but open.]


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