Hermione had very definitely changed overnight. Back into a normal person.

And then all the things she'd said came rushing back, and Hermione found herself whimpering into the pillow that then found itself making its way over her head. She wasn't really one for unnecessary whining, but at the same time, if she suffocated before she got up and had to hunt down Ron, she'd be okay with that.

Hermione heard the announcement. She thought this would be a huge failure, yes. What's really scary is that it doesn't even alarm her anymore that her first thought was to spend tonight in the hall in a sleeping bag.

She'd made the decision that for every announcement, Umbridge needed to be negatively reinforced. Thusly, she was sitting on her bed, knitting more oddly-shaped socks and wondering whether the dildo cozy conga line should wait a couple days, or if she should just keep up with it the whole week.

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Sometime after her little meeting with Umbridge, Hermione went back to her room and started on a mental to-do list.

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#6 was what Hermione was working on for the rest of the afternoon. She was terrible at it, but she was determined. And she'd left the door open on purpose.

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Hermione's been busy lately, surprising herself. She's very happy with all of her classes so far, with Bridge offering to give some assistance in Hunting, and she's even been socializing. She "helped paint" the fifth floor common room, and nearly being traumatized by Pantsless Friday. Then there had been the day with the gremlin theater that interrupted her studies, discussing oppression and meeting the pink thing with no mouth.

And then there was discovering that Lavender Brown is here now, and Hermione hasn't had a reason to eyeroll yet. Well, she still has no idea what happened yesterday, but then again, it's Lavender.

On one hand, her friends from home will probably be glad to hear she's getting out. However, she needs to spend more time studying. She's only gotten through half of the books she checked out from the library on Monday, she's already started going through her Hogwarts books chapter by chapter to keep up there, and she's already starting the reading for Lit class, and she won't even be around for a lot of tomorrow. Today Hermione's just staying in and read until her eyes cross.

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Hermione's done with the DADA book. She's read it more than once, she's disgusted by it, and she thinks she's going to have to talk to Ron and Harry again soon before she starts all of her new classes. And even the thought of new classes is exciting for her.

Once she's hidden the book away in a desk drawer and looks over at Crookshanks to make sure he's still all right on her bed, she sits down at the desk and starts a letter.

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