Hermione is going over her World History notes, already cramming for the midterm. Every once in a while she'll look over at the Transfiguration book she still has, assure herself that everything in there that she could possibly need has been safely written down for her own records and if it isn't, then she can just ask Cedric to borrow it again, and try to go back to it.

At one point, she gets up just to check her messages, not squeeing at all when there's one waiting for her. Really. She is very cool about it. Except where she really is a sixteen-year-old girl. She calls back, and goes back to her notes, smiling a lot.
Hermione is in far too good a mood, especially given how early she was awake. She had started off trying to finish the Transfiguration book, writing detailed notes, but she keeps randomly smiling and it's distracting her.

Finally she puts the book down, goes to her desk, and starts a letter.

Dear Ginny )

As soon as she's finished, she decides to head to the post office later. Now that it's all out of her system, she can go back to studying.

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Hermione isn't exactly the girliest of all girls, but that doesn't mean she hasn't checked the mirror about thirty times. And, unlike the last dance she went to, she probably won't end this one yelling at anyone.

Hm. It's been thirty seconds. Time to check the mirror again.

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Hermione comes back to her room after getting the Transfiguration textbook from Cedric and attending her classes to find a note outside her door. She steps inside, reads it, and realizes that she has no idea who this person is. Which is kind of creepy, really, until she remembers that she didn't really notice Viktor, either. Huh.

She puts the note on her desk, wondering whether she should at least call, and while she's busy wondering that, she picks up the Transfiguration book to start reading and taking notes. Occasionally she pauses to either frown at the phone or turn one of Crookshanks' cat toys into something else. Because she has her priorities in order.

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Hermione's been busy lately, surprising herself. She's very happy with all of her classes so far, with Bridge offering to give some assistance in Hunting, and she's even been socializing. She "helped paint" the fifth floor common room, and nearly being traumatized by Pantsless Friday. Then there had been the day with the gremlin theater that interrupted her studies, discussing oppression and meeting the pink thing with no mouth.

And then there was discovering that Lavender Brown is here now, and Hermione hasn't had a reason to eyeroll yet. Well, she still has no idea what happened yesterday, but then again, it's Lavender.

On one hand, her friends from home will probably be glad to hear she's getting out. However, she needs to spend more time studying. She's only gotten through half of the books she checked out from the library on Monday, she's already started going through her Hogwarts books chapter by chapter to keep up there, and she's already starting the reading for Lit class, and she won't even be around for a lot of tomorrow. Today Hermione's just staying in and read until her eyes cross.

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