Hermione opens the door to her room, not turning on the light in case Kaylee's already here and asleep. She leaves the beach ball on the floor for Crookshanks, and sees the invitation from Willow for tomorrow's party, having been slipped under the door.

Edward had been nice enough, and she really was going to have to speak to Charlie about this prank war with Peter Parker. But that could wait until tomorrow. Maybe Monday. She would have to work that out. Fred is here, too, and she's happy about that. There's just that whole timeline issue that she's even more aware of now. It's not the Dumbledore she knew back home, just like it's not the same Malfoy, or Cedric, or Rita Skeeter, or even Fred. It's just a little odd knowing what happened in Fred's timeline. Then again, it didn't mean it had to happen. After all, Cedric was here...

She shakes it off because she can't do anything about something that happened in a timeline she is nowhere near, and gets ready for bed. And as she tries to fall asleep with Crookshanks lazing at the foot of the bed, she tries to remember when Malfoy said he was from...


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