When Hermione returned from her away team mission in New York, she wasn't sure that she'd ever wanted more to just flop onto her bed and do nothing for a while. Not even after the Department of Mysteries, though that didn't count since she'd spent the end of that unconscious. She'd spent a good part of this trip unconscious too, though.

It was also the first time she'd been able to examine herself for bruises, which was a bit limited in her current position of 'flopped on the bed'. She did have a couple on her arms that she could see, which would happen when you spent a lot of time falling.

Bloody Deadpool.

[Door's closed, post can be open.]
To say Hermione was in a bit of shock after the adrenaline crash after her visit with Umbridge would be an understatement. She already reported the incident, and before she even reached her room placed a call to her parents. She'd hung up as soon as her mother picked up because she didn't trust her voice and she didn't want them worrying, but she just wanted to know they were okay.

So when she got back to her room she wasn't really able to concentrate on much at first, and just sat with Crookshanks even if he didn't want to be petted. He would have to deal. She'd gotten into a lot of trouble with Ron and Harry before, but it was always with them, and now she really missed them. And before it had almost always been about Harry. She was a sidekick and she knew this, so having the threat specifically against her was something new and she could really do without that.

In retrospect, she should've listened to Sam.



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