There was a problem with pretty much staying up for three nights studying for both finals on Wednesday, and that was that it made you tired. Imagine that. This was the situation Hermione found herself in, surrounded by her notes and handouts all over her bed Tuesday evening, trying to make sure she really did have everything down pat when it was sort of hard to process thoughts at this point.

Funnily enough, despite the two pots of coffee she'd gone through today to keep herself awake, she was still exhausted.

Which may have been why she crashed at about 6 pm.

Finals week has Hermione not getting a lot of sleep and sitting up in bed with one of her books, trying to see if she can possibly cram any more information into her brain. Or maybe even to cram said information in a second time, just to make sure it's there. She's reading very quickly, flipping through pages and occasionally putting a book down to check her notes to make sure she hadn't written something down wrong the first time.

Of course this time when she does that, the books come flying off her shelves and out of the trunk at the foot of her bed. And there are a lot of books.

She narrowly misses one of them coming towards her head, ducking and crawling out of bed so she can get to her desk, and to her wand. Once she's got it, it's just a matter of a quick spell and the books are frozen in midair.

Hermione gets to her feet, plucks one book out of the air and says sternly, "There will be none of that. It's finals."
Hermione is going over her World History notes, already cramming for the midterm. Every once in a while she'll look over at the Transfiguration book she still has, assure herself that everything in there that she could possibly need has been safely written down for her own records and if it isn't, then she can just ask Cedric to borrow it again, and try to go back to it.

At one point, she gets up just to check her messages, not squeeing at all when there's one waiting for her. Really. She is very cool about it. Except where she really is a sixteen-year-old girl. She calls back, and goes back to her notes, smiling a lot.
Hermione comes back to her room after getting the Transfiguration textbook from Cedric and attending her classes to find a note outside her door. She steps inside, reads it, and realizes that she has no idea who this person is. Which is kind of creepy, really, until she remembers that she didn't really notice Viktor, either. Huh.

She puts the note on her desk, wondering whether she should at least call, and while she's busy wondering that, she picks up the Transfiguration book to start reading and taking notes. Occasionally she pauses to either frown at the phone or turn one of Crookshanks' cat toys into something else. Because she has her priorities in order.

[Going to work soon, so just establishy.]
It isn't often that Hermione calls home, mostly because she tends to forget she can when she's away at school. Also, she has to admit that whatever allows her to call back to England eleven years ago and doesn't have her waking anyone up at ungodly hours of the night is pretty cool. As soon as she hangs up with her mother, she starts to pick up her book to study again, then decides to check her messages. She places a quick call in response, and then goes ahead and picks up the book, feeling better for some reason.

[Open, why not!]
Hermione's gotten really used to studying until all hours, and that was before she had a full set of classes and was trying to keep up with her class back at Hogwarts, which is really difficult when she's not exactly sure how time moves between here and there. And every once in a while, she'll take a break for a few hours sleep and then wake up very early to finish.

She's halfway through a paragraph in next week's Lit book, because for some reason she needs to be at least a week ahead if not more, when she actually realizes what day today is. Ron and Harry had given her her presents earlier because they couldn't figure out what day or month it was, either, so she hadn't really noticed.

"Huh," she says, and goes back to the paragraph.


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