Sometime after her little meeting with Umbridge, Hermione went back to her room and started on a mental to-do list.

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#6 was what Hermione was working on for the rest of the afternoon. She was terrible at it, but she was determined. And she'd left the door open on purpose.

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Hermione's trying to study for finals. Currently she's going over her Forensics notes and deciding that this is kind of really disturbing when that's all she's reading.

She's kind of grateful when she hears the owl pecking at the window, and then she realizes it's an owl at her window, and not one she recognizes. Either Ron and Harry have had to be more careful, or it's an official one. She's been waiting for a while, and every noise makes her think she's gotten an answer, so she's immediately nervous. She opens the window, and the owl drops the envelope carefully before flying off.

She picks it up with shaking hands- she is that big a dork- and blows out a deep breath. And she opens it.

A moment later there's an "EEEEEEEEEEEEE" noise that scares the cat.
Hermione is studying, and not thinking too much about roommates disappearing till late, or sending off any letters at all. At least until she hears the knocking at the window, and has to open it for a little owl, who drops a letter just inside the room before flying away again. She scrambles to pick it up, turning it over to see if it's from them. It can't be. Not already. Unless they just turned her down flat...

It's Harry's writing on the envelope, so any disappointment she felt at not hearing from the Ministry yet is quickly pushed aside by the fact that he actually wrote to her.

Dear Hermione, )
Hermione's surprised when she gets another letter from Hogwarts. She's been getting quite a few of them lately, which wouldn't seem so strange except for the fact that now she's getting them from Fred and George, asking for more of the... knitted socks that were sent to the house elves accidentally.

She makes a call just to get them off her back, and really really hopes no one ever tells her what they're being used for.

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Hermione's received another letter from Hogwarts, and Pigwidgeon is apparently trying to drown himself in a glass of juice while she reads- occasionally looking up to make sure he isn't drowning himself.

Dear Hermione )

Hermione isn't sure she wants to know.

[Openish. Will be out for a little while, back afterwards.]
Hermione wakes up in the middle of the night, eyes going wide and staring up at the ceiling.

It had been horrible. She'd been afflicted with purple prose and had dyed her natural honey-blonde hair black with green streaks to match Slytherin colors, and had just been terrible to everyone she'd come in contact with. Of course, the dream took place at Fandom High, but Ron and Harry had been there, and she'd insulted Snape, who'd been fine with it. She was pretty sure she'd also turned out to be half Malfoy, or something, in the dream.

She gets up and gets a pad of paper from her desk, along with the little booklight she uses for late night studying, and starts a letter to Ron, detailing last weekend.

And then decides halfway through that she is never telling anyone about that and she will burn the letter in the morning.

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Hermione's finals are over, which is both a relief and a disappointment. She still feels like she needs something to do, which is why she's still got her Potions book open on her desk so she can go back to it every now and then when she needs to take a break from packing, or when she's not thinking of another phone call she needs to make. She'll be going on holiday with her parents tomorrow, or late tonight, and she'd much rather be prepared.

After a while, she hears a little tapping on the window. She doesn't recognize the owl, but lets it in and unties the envelope from its leg. She did write to Dumbledore when they were looking for Cedric, but hadn't heard back, and she figures that's what this is.

dear hermione )

That doesn't give her much information, but she actually has more tact than to write another letter asking a thousand questions. "Wait right there," she tells the owl, and writes a quick letter offering support and promising to check in later before letting the owl go on its way.

And right now skiing in France doesn't really sound that appealing.

[Openish. Will be going shopping for a little bit, but around other than that. Door's open.]
The good thing about being Hermione is that there's never a lack of things to do. There is always more to read. Currently she's going through her Potions book, taking detailed notes and being a little horrified that she can practically hear Snape's voice in the back of her head when she reads.

She's kept the windows closed lately, so she's almost startled when she hears something pecking at the glass. She smiles when she sees Hedwig, though, opening the window to let her in. The snowy owl is carrying a package, and Hermione's quick to untie it from her foot so that she can move around freely.

Hermione pushes her glass of water towards Hedwig, busying herself with opening the package. There's a note attached, and the fact that anyone actually bothered to write her for once is a bit stunning. Even better is the fact that parts of the letter are written in different handwriting.

Dear Hermione, )

Hermione's smiling when she finishes the letter, looking at the wrapped package. Ron or Harry would have ripped into it already, probably before reading the letter, but she can wait. She'd thought they would have been well into January by now. Just when she thought she should give up on trying to solve the mystery that was the time difference, she's back to wondering about it again.

Either way, she's going to be in a pretty good mood today.

[Post and door are open. Why not?]
Hermione is in far too good a mood, especially given how early she was awake. She had started off trying to finish the Transfiguration book, writing detailed notes, but she keeps randomly smiling and it's distracting her.

Finally she puts the book down, goes to her desk, and starts a letter.

Dear Ginny )

As soon as she's finished, she decides to head to the post office later. Now that it's all out of her system, she can go back to studying.

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Hermione's done with the DADA book. She's read it more than once, she's disgusted by it, and she thinks she's going to have to talk to Ron and Harry again soon before she starts all of her new classes. And even the thought of new classes is exciting for her.

Once she's hidden the book away in a desk drawer and looks over at Crookshanks to make sure he's still all right on her bed, she sits down at the desk and starts a letter.

Dear Viktor )

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Hermione slept in a little, and is barely awake when she hears a familiar tapping sound. If she's surprised, it's only because she's hearing it again so soon. When she gets up to open the window, she's even more surprised to see that it's Hedwig who's waiting to come inside.

She lets the owl in, smiling. "Didn't expect to see you here," she tells her quietly, and takes the package from Hedwig before letting her scrounge around for food and drink. Hermione thinks if they actually keep up with correspondence, maybe she'll leave something out regularly, as long as Kaylee doesn't mind muffins from JGOB sitting out.

There's a note attached, simply reading, )

When Hermione unwraps the package, she finds a barely opened copy of Defensive Magical Theory by Wilbert Slinkhard. Letting Hedwig stay as long as she needs, Hermione takes a seat on her bed and starts reading. Within half an hour she's wondering why she hadn't thought to get a subsciption to The Daily Prophet before, and half an hour after that, she's decided she hates this Umbridge woman.

Hermione is taking a long time with her knitting today, because she is having some particular trouble with the heel of this sock. Every time she tries to go a little faster, it seems like she misses something and it goes wrong. It's really frustrating.

So she's even more relieved than usual when the weetiny owl taps at the window. She lets Pig in quietly, letting him land on her desk for a rest after she's able to get the letter from him. She opens it and sits down to read.

Dear Hermione )

Hermione stares at the letter for a minute, jaw dropped. She's not sure which part to be upset about first, so she settles for being irritated about everything at once. And while she's not certain she should be doing this, she goes into one of her drawers, removes a small cloth bag, and sets off in search for a good fire.

cut for length )
The mummies may be gone, but Hermione's still sitting at her desk, reading a book on Egyptology, because she thinks it's interesting. Halfway through a paragraph, she hears a fluttering sound outside her window. Looking over, she sees that there's a weetiny owl sitting landing slightly badly on her desk, a letter in his beak.

"Hi, Pigwidgeon," Hermione greets him, letting him take a drink from her glass of water as she opens the letter.

Dear Hermione, )

Hermione lets Pig move about the room for a while as she tries to start on the return letter, then decides it's going to have to wait and lets him go.

[Door's open.]
After completely failing to make Principal Washburn see why she doesn't deserve detention, Hermione didn't really feel like going to the luau. Instead, she's sitting on her bed in her alcove, attempting the fourth or so draft of a letter.

Dear Viktor, )
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Hermione is working on letters again. She hasn't received any back yet, but she knows Harry can be a little lax on correspondence if it isn't pressing. There's no need to worry about breaking the time-space continuum with letters. Yet.

Crookshanks is somewhere. She's left the door open just enough that she could see if he left, but for the moment he's hiding.

Dear Ginny, )

Hermione is sealing the letter when she notices the owl pecking at the window, a scroll loosely tied around its neck. She opens the window and lets it hop onto the windowsill, taking the scroll and unrolling it.

She reads it quickly, not even suppressing the squeal. The first thing she does is remove her wand from its place in her desk drawer. Then she gives Ginny's letter to the owl, feeds it a piece of a cracker, and lets it on its way.

She can do magic again, though she does have restrictions. However, she has something that needs to be done. She thinks they'll understand.


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