Hermione certainly hasn't minded her couple days of vacation so far, even if she is still feeling a tiny bit jet-lagged. She's missed her parents and skiing has been fun, even if she's not the world's most athletic person and could count on both hands how many times she fell down today.

When she goes back to her own room at the end of the night, she's intending to curl up with a book she picked up on the history of the area, because sometimes even she has to take a break from studying. However, she can't concentrate. She's worrying about things like Ginny's letter, and the fact that she hasn't heard anything new. She recognizes the problem with getting updates, of course, and knows it's dangerous sometimes. It would make sense if Pig or Erroll hadn't been the owls to deliver the letter to her. Because of that, she hasn't sent a letter back, but she's dying to know what's going on.

It would be horrible of her to cut her visit with her parents short. It's Christmas Eve after all. She should spend it with her family, and the Weasleys really should spend it together. And she should put the idea right out of her head to go and visit.

At least until after Christmas Day.


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