The good thing about being Hermione is that there's never a lack of things to do. There is always more to read. Currently she's going through her Potions book, taking detailed notes and being a little horrified that she can practically hear Snape's voice in the back of her head when she reads.

She's kept the windows closed lately, so she's almost startled when she hears something pecking at the glass. She smiles when she sees Hedwig, though, opening the window to let her in. The snowy owl is carrying a package, and Hermione's quick to untie it from her foot so that she can move around freely.

Hermione pushes her glass of water towards Hedwig, busying herself with opening the package. There's a note attached, and the fact that anyone actually bothered to write her for once is a bit stunning. Even better is the fact that parts of the letter are written in different handwriting.

Dear Hermione, )

Hermione's smiling when she finishes the letter, looking at the wrapped package. Ron or Harry would have ripped into it already, probably before reading the letter, but she can wait. She'd thought they would have been well into January by now. Just when she thought she should give up on trying to solve the mystery that was the time difference, she's back to wondering about it again.

Either way, she's going to be in a pretty good mood today.

[Post and door are open. Why not?]
Hermione slept in a little, and is barely awake when she hears a familiar tapping sound. If she's surprised, it's only because she's hearing it again so soon. When she gets up to open the window, she's even more surprised to see that it's Hedwig who's waiting to come inside.

She lets the owl in, smiling. "Didn't expect to see you here," she tells her quietly, and takes the package from Hedwig before letting her scrounge around for food and drink. Hermione thinks if they actually keep up with correspondence, maybe she'll leave something out regularly, as long as Kaylee doesn't mind muffins from JGOB sitting out.

There's a note attached, simply reading, )

When Hermione unwraps the package, she finds a barely opened copy of Defensive Magical Theory by Wilbert Slinkhard. Letting Hedwig stay as long as she needs, Hermione takes a seat on her bed and starts reading. Within half an hour she's wondering why she hadn't thought to get a subsciption to The Daily Prophet before, and half an hour after that, she's decided she hates this Umbridge woman.



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