Hermione had stayed in Fandom because she wanted to research things from an outside perspective. If people were disappearing from home and they had no idea those people had ever existed, then it was smarter to stay here where she would remember and could get enough detail to maybe find out what was going on. So she wrote letters and tried to namedrop people to get a reaction. She checked books. She tried to find online evidence of people existing. She checked over the Prophet from day to day to look for changes. And the things she found terrified her, but she kept looking, because that was what she did. She got the information, and got it to he who fixed things.

She hadn't gotten much rest last night, going over some notes and fueling herself with coffee like that was a substitute for actual sleep. This morning she'd simply moved herself over to the sofa, going over information while idly stroking Crookshanks' fur. At least he seemed relaxed.

[For a call, but if you want to knock before that, now's your chance.]
Normally Hermione didn't watch much television. She lived in the wizarding world more than the Muggle one, and she'd simply learned to do without it. Sometimes, though, when she was doing something like cleaning up around the apartment, she might turn it on for background noise. Even then she turned it to something educational, like the History Channel.

It was because she was distracted that she didn't notice at first that this commercial break seemed very long. When that sank in, she actually started paying attention to the ads, and after a while they completely had her attention, ending in her taking a seat to watch them.

It was a really, really bad idea to put ASPCA commercials anywhere Hermione might see them. She'd probably never again be able to hear Sarah McLachlan without bursting into sympathetic tears.

By the time she was feeling horrible for all these poor animals, she looked over to where Crookshanks was curled up on the sofa next to her, skritched him between his ears and said, "You wouldn't mind another cat around here, would you, Crookshanks?"

Whether he understood her or not was unknown, but the look he gave her would totally serve as his answer if he did.

[Can be open!]
smartestone: (strangling the kitty)
It wasn't a big surprise to find sheep in her room, because after two years Hermione knew to expect this sort of thing. For a while she'd ignored them, letting them mill around and occasionally bleat while she studied. Crookshanks had even taken an interest, herding them around.

And then Hermione looked up from her book to see what was going on, seeing Crookshanks heading into the closet where he'd herded the nice tasty sheep all in one place.

"Crookshanks, no!" she cried, jumping up to wrangle him away. "This is Fandom, you don't know where they've been!"

Hermione woke up slowly, though she realized the bed did seem smaller than she was used to. She opened her eyes, sitting up to see what the problem was, and was surprised to see the ginger cat sleeping at the foot of the bed. "Crookshanks?" she said, frowning. He hadn't been alive for years...

She looked around the room, blinking as she took in the now-vaguely familiar setting. Of course.

And sighed. "Honestly."

[Door's closed, post is open!]
Hermione had spent too much time cooped up lately, and this was becoming kind of clear to her. She'd gotten through all the books she had now, and was reading Hogwarts, A History again just because, though anytime Crookshanks wandered by her spot on the bed she'd reach out to pet him and then get slightly distracted wondering why he would come over here if the first thing he would do was move somewhere else the second she reached out.

She may have needed a real distraction.

Sometime after her little meeting with Umbridge, Hermione went back to her room and started on a mental to-do list.

cut cuz blah blah blah )

#6 was what Hermione was working on for the rest of the afternoon. She was terrible at it, but she was determined. And she'd left the door open on purpose.

[Open! Especially if you want to see Hermione bitch like a bitching thing that bitches.]
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Hermione has a ball python. She's still not sure about this, but it's also not going to burn or sting her, so it's a step up from Hagrid's idea of pets.

Crookshanks keeps hissing at it, though, causing Hermione to roll her eyes as she tries to peruse through a book on caring for the new pet. "Crookshanks, behave. Wadsworth isn't going to hurt you."

Crookshanks completely ignores her. Though honestly, Wadsworth is ignoring Crookshanks, so it's really all right.

[Establishy, unles syou really wanna. No one will probably show, so open. *g*]
Hermione had been sleeping, because Crookshanks had curled up on a chair to sleep and had been quiet, and she is not thinking too hard about the fact that there's a middle-aged man sleeping in her room. He's still her cat. Just... kind of creepy.

The sleep ends about the time she feels a weight on her legs, and opens her eyes in the dark. When her vision adjusts, she sees Crookshanks trying to make himself comfortable at the edge of the bed.

"...I can't do this," Hermione says, about a second before Crookshanks decides to sprawl and take over the whole bed, with her on it.

She works her way out of the bed even though there's somehow a hand across her face, and falls unceremoniously out of the bed. Crookshanks looks up at her and says, "More for me," stretching out even further.

Maybe she'll just sleep in the common room.
Crookshanks had left the room late last night and hasn't been back, but Hermione isn't too worried. She's just been looking through some books she'd gotten last time she went home, kind of wishing she had a real class to deal with.

However, when a middle-aged man pushed the door the rest of the way open with his head and proceeded to walk in like he owned the place, that was enough to get Hermione to look up. "...Can I help you?" Who knew? It was Fandom, maybe this was normal.

He didn't answer, but turned around once or twice in the middle of the floor like he was looking for the perfect spot, and then settled into a sitting position.

"Excuse me," Hermione says. "This is my room."

He looks back, wondering why he can't whap his tail against anything. "Food?" he asks.

"You can get your own food," frowns Hermione. "Elsewhere!"

He got up again, kicking lightly at the empty food bowl near the foot of Hermione's bed.

And then Hermione remembers that it is Fandom. "...Oh my god."
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Hermione has a lot of notes around her room, and they've been keeping her busy. And here there weren't distractions or lying girls. Of course, she's a little distracted when she sees her cat wander back into the room.

Books... or cat. Books... or cat.
She's little, which is why she hops off her bed to plop on the floor next to him and pull him into a tight hug. "You're a good kitty, aren't you? Yes, you are! Yes, you are! And you're so fluffy!"

No, he's not, and Crookshanks is currently trying to get away from her, occasionally making "RRRRR" noises, but not the good kinds.

"You're so good and calm!" Hermione says, and after a while, Crookshanks gives up. And probably hates life, at least until she goes back to checking out her notes.

[Establishy cuz brain gone boom.]
Hermione's trying to study for finals. Currently she's going over her Forensics notes and deciding that this is kind of really disturbing when that's all she's reading.

She's kind of grateful when she hears the owl pecking at the window, and then she realizes it's an owl at her window, and not one she recognizes. Either Ron and Harry have had to be more careful, or it's an official one. She's been waiting for a while, and every noise makes her think she's gotten an answer, so she's immediately nervous. She opens the window, and the owl drops the envelope carefully before flying off.

She picks it up with shaking hands- she is that big a dork- and blows out a deep breath. And she opens it.

A moment later there's an "EEEEEEEEEEEEE" noise that scares the cat.


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