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Hermione hadn't noticed anything was going on for a while today. She'd gone about her day, doing things around her apartment, and she was currently curled up in a chair with a book- be shocked- when she heard something skittering on the floor. She stopped, listened, and when she heard it again, she put her book down and reached for her wand.

This being Fandom, she was prepared to see either something cute and tiny that was invading, or something the exact opposite of cute and tiny. She had definitely not been expecting the spider. The metal spider. The one that saw her and started coming towards her rather than moving away.

She pointed her wand and with a "Stupefy!", she realized that was not going to work on a non-living thing. Since it was still coming toward her and when this was Fandom and this was definitely not normal, she decided to cut to the chase. "Expulso!" she tried, and... the spider blew up.

And now she had to clean up exploded spider from her floor. Great.

[Mostly establishy, but can totally be open omg.]


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