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Hermone has changed over the summer overnight. She used to be a total bookworm with frizzy brown hair and that had all changed. She had gotten tired of being that girl and so she decided when she went back to school she was going to be a different person, so she died her hair and got it straitened, and she began dressing better, kind of Goth. Now she was wearing black leather pants and a black tank top that showed midrif with a sheer black thing over it and lots of jewlry. Also she wore a lot of eyeliner. It was like she was a whole diferent person! She might lose freinds over it but whatever, they weren't great freinds anyway and they were just jealous.

It worked.

She was a whole new person when she went back to school. Sudenly Dumebledore noticed her instead of only paing attention to Harry and he made her a professor of DADA and everything else she wanted. Except Potions since that was Severuses. And he made the SOrting Hat resort her and it put her in Slytherin where she really belonged. The only reason she got put in Gryffindork anyway was cuz she didn't know her true heritage then, she was really the child of dentists but of an angel and a vampire and they both had magical powers so this made Hermione the most powerful wtich ever. Her real name was Serena Fairyweather Moonstar but since she had to be protected she grew up as boring old Hermine Grainger. And since she found out she was part vampire she could go out in the sun and be up all 24 hours since vampires stayed up at night and she could eat real food since she was an angel too. Also she sparkles now.

"This place is so boring" she said looking around her apartment. Maybe she would go to have it redecorated before Severus came over to Propose. Or Draco. WHO WILL SHE PICK? R&R AND YOU WILL SEE!

[God, I terrify myself. Can be open, but I'd much rather be R&R'ed.]

Date: 2011-06-05 01:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] onapalebicycle.livejournal.com
(OMG UR ThE BEST WRiT3r EV3R!!!!!1 PLeeEEZ rite moar i wanna know who she pix!!!!!!!111 <333333333333)


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