Jul. 6th, 2011

That subject would have been more fitting coming from Annie's journal, but lo, for I am too lazy to log out. Anyway, tomorrow as of ass o'clock in the morning I am off to the wilds of Chicago for a week. I won't have my laptop (I expect to be in withdrawals by Friday), but I will have access to my mom's computer and my phone so I will be able to return pings and sign into classes and stuff.

Of course then two days after I get back from Chicago, one of my friends comes to stay with me for a week. And then two days after I ship her off to Comic Con, I head there myself. And she may or may not be coming back with me after it.

So yes, my July is crazy busy, and please bear with me over the next few weeks. Since I will be aroundish, with an emphasis on the ish, Hermione and Annie will be around but quiet, as I will likely be needing to PLAY ALL THE SCENES every time I get a chance.


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