May. 6th, 2011

Hermione had a brief moment of silence, and she was using it to pack. She liked staying at the Burrow, but it was sometimes very, very difficult to get a moment's peace. She sometimes thought Mrs. Weasley did that on purpose, especially now that among Ginny and the trio, everyone seemed to have paired off. It must have occurred to her that for anyone to get up to any trouble, all someone had to do was swap a room, so there wasn't a lot of privacy these days just to be safe.

For the moment, Hermione was enjoying the quiet as she piled books and clothes into her bag while Crookshanks occasionally took the opportunity to peer into it, causing her to shoo him away lest he fall in. She wasn't leaving until tomorrow, but she knew better than to put this off until the last minute. If she did that, she'd never have the chance. Maybe that was the real reason for all the activity; if she was too distracted to leave, maybe she wouldn't at all.

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